Downtown arena attracts “Toronto’s Condo King” to build in Edmonton

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Downtown arena attracts "Toronto's Condo King" to build in Edmonton

A well-known Toronto developer is setting his sights on downtown Edmonton.

Brad Lamb, Toronto’s Condo King, says he plans to build an upscale condo on 106th Street, north of Jasper Avenue.

He plans on building Jasper House, a 36-story condo building with the suites will start at $239,000. Lamb also plans on building a second building, at the northeast corner of 106th Street and 103rd Avenue. Both buildings are expected to cost around $225-million to build but Lamb says the market in Edmonton is a great opportunity.

Lamb says this project hinged on the approval of the downtown arena.

“I want to be clear about this there is not a chance I would be remotely interested in developing in Edmonton without that,” explained Lamb.

He admits that after visiting Edmonton his impressions have changed and he has grown to love the city but says without the downtown arena he likely wouldn’t have taken a second look at Edmonton.

“A hockey arena should be downtown,” explains Lamb. “If you want to develop your city and the downtown core you’ll want to have bodies downtown and people coming to the hockey game, you’ll get 18,000 people coming to the hockey game and they’re going to eat, they’re going to drink, they’re going to hang around and a lot of them are going to want to live where that stuff is happening right.”

His plans rely on city council rezoning the area and he says plans are in the works. Lamb says the building, if rezoned, will have 244 units.

“It is basically asking for some changes to the current zoning to the property,” explains Lamb. “We’ll be doing that for both buildings and the first one Jasper House will be going in shortly we have to apply for that with the city and then North (the second building) will probably go in in about six or five months.”

Lamb says the suites will have gas lines for barbecues, there’s an outdoor swimming pool and the suites will have nine-foot high ceilings.

“Jasper house is the first building we’ve really released images but we’re really delivering something here that will be beautiful in any city,” explains Lamb. “This is world-class middle-class housing.”

He says both sites are currently surface parking lots but once the condo’s are built they will stand out with their stylish designs, which were created by world-class Toronto architecture studio Architects Alliance, with interior design by Toronto’s the Design Agency.

Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc. has already made a name for itself in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary. The company boasts selling over 22,000 properties, valued at over $7.5-billion. (twd)

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