Alberta Ag Minister calling for more solutions to move provincial commodities

Edmonton, AB, Canada / iNews880

The province will continue to push the federal government on the urgency of moving Alberta’s commodities to market faster.

Alberta Agriculture Minister Verlyn Olson says he’s happy that the feds have put in new regulations which will set out out the minimum grain volumes for rail companies for the next few months but says they shouldn’t stop there.

Olson tells the Alberta Morning News why it’s so urgent to get Alberta’s resources out to market as soon as possible.

“We are anticipating a carry-over from last years crop into this upcoming year of something in the order of 18-20 million metric tonnes and that’s certainly more than we would normally have” says Olson

Olson say there are a number of commodities on the prairies such as petroleum, oil and gas that need to be shipped out before the winter comes.

The recent announcement by the federal government of new regulations when it comes to grain movement is welcome news to the province with minimum grain volume requirements imposed for companies like CP and CN.

Olson says they’re pleased with the new regulations announced by the feds but says they consider that a good first step and hopefully the beginning of a longer term discussion.  (JSL/AMNEWS)


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